New Year Resolution 2012

New Year Resolution 2012

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

I want to wish you All a New Year full of happiness, success and many blessings.
Oh man…It’s time for the annual “New Years Resolution list”. You know the one…all the things your gonna do, gonna change, gonna stick to, gonna lose, etc etc.
Usually I don’t make “New Years Resolutions” for the simple fact that I NEVER stick to them. The “New Year” momentum lasts for like 2 weeks and then like most, I fall off that wagon real quick reverting back to old ways and habits.
This year I feel like a need some type of goal or thing to do. I am so bored with my life and how things are going. Time to shake things up! I need something to focus on, but what?
Someone I once knew made a New Year’s resolution to do something out of their comfort zone each week for a year, someone else tried to read a new book each week for a year, others take up hobbies. So what am I going to do? I can put the usual things on the list but what is the one thing I want to accomplish that will stand out for me? After much thought, I finally picked something!!!
My list this year has the usual stuff…save money, lose weight, spend more time w/ family, declutter etc etc.
But ultimately my #1 goal this year is to give back. There have been so many people who have given to me and enriched my life and I want to do MORE to give back to others.
So I’m starting a blog, a BEAUTY LIFE & STYLE blog specifically. I intend to write about my interests around beauty products, makeup, lifestyle, travel, health, books, food etc.
I know what your thinking…what does this beauty blog have to do with giving back, it’s not the traditional way of doing charity? This beauty blog comes about because of the people online who have helped me over the years. Anytime I had questions on how to do something I would go online. Google and Youtube are my best friends…lol.
I’m really new to doing the blog thing, so bare with me as I work out the kinks and get set up. I’ll figure it all out soon:)
So what’s your New Year’s Resolution? Tell me what things you want to accomplish this year and why? I’ll support whom ever writes me back. Let’s do this together and push each other to get things done.
All the Best for the New Year and let’s make 2012 the most amazing and happiest year yet!

<3 Toya.
Live, Laugh, Love, Give!

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  1. Eirini

    Congratulations on your blog! Love it!

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