43 Beauty Blog Post Ideas

43 Beauty Blog Post Ideas

Hey Loves,

So you have this wonderful new blog and you’ve decided on a blogging schedule to help keep you organized, consistent and relevantNow you need to fill it with content for ppl to read.  In the beginning you will have 1,001 ideas in your head of what to write about and then there will come a moment when you get stuck and no ideas will come to mind at all.  WRITER’S BLOCK!!

When writers block sets in, what will you do??  What will you write about and how will you come up with ideas on the fly?? 

Well, your gonna keep a running list of Beauty Blog Post Ideas that you consistently add to, is what your gonna do.


Keeping a Beauty Blog Post Idea list is a great practice to start and an even greater way to prevent writer’s block so that you will have tons of ideas ready and waiting all the time!


Keeping a Beauty Blog Post Idea list is a great practice to start and an even greater way to prevent writer’s block


What I do is, anytime an idea comes to mind, I write it down right away in my blog note book or i write it on my phone or a scrap piece of paper until I can add it to my blog note book.


A Beauty Blog Post Idea list is a great way prevent writer's block on your blog Click To Tweet


Another great idea is to use an editorial calendar, like the one that comes with WordPress.

When I  have an idea, I click on a date and give it a blog post title and then I start to write a rough draft on that topic right then and there.  Whatever I think I want to say, I write it down in point form.  I DO NOT edit the post at all.   I just write.  I then step away and repeat the process for another post idea.

This process allows me to get a post started so I don’t lose the ideas I initially wanted to write about.

This process allows me to get a post started so I don’t lose the ideas I initially wanted to write about.  Later when I go back to that particular topic, I have already started the post and now I can edit and tighten it up so that its ready to go live on my blog.

Below I have written a handy list of 43 Beauty Blog Post Ideas that you can download and use on your own beauty blog.


43 Beauty Blog Post Ideas

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  1. Best Products for (Body Type, Skin Color, Hair Type, etc)
  2. The best of… (Products like: MAC, Maybelline, NARS, SMASHBOX, L’Oreal, NXY, BOBBI BROWN etc. List your tried and true most-loved products from a particular brand(s)
  3. Beauty Tips & Tricks
  4. Makeup Hauls
  5. Product Reviews
  6. Empties (Products you love so much you used them down to the last drop)
  7. Tutorials
  8. Buy This Not That (knockoffs, or affordable alternatives
  9. Must-Have Items
  10. Seasonal Trends
  11. Makeup Trends you Love or Hate
  12. Monthly favorites
  13. Best beauty products on a budget
  14. Your “Go To” Products
  15. Wish Lists (Products You WANT now)
  16. Fav or Best luxury products to splurge on (Worth The Splurge)
  17. DIY beauty treatment
  18. DIY Beauty Products (What can you create)
  19. Product Round Up
  20. Favorite Products
  21. Favorite Dupes
  22. Everyday products
  23. Everyday MUP Look
  24. Makeup tutorial
  25. Create a date night, wedding, Celebrity makeup look 
  26. Get the look (inspired by…)
  27. What’s Your Morning/Night time Routine
  28. Hair tutorial
  29. Nail tutorial
  30. Beauty Gift Ideas/Guides
  31. Book Reviews
  32. Favorite hair style
  33. Favorite products to pamper yourself
  34. Roundup of your favorite beauty blogs/YouTube channels/Instagram accounts
  35. What’s in your makeup bag
  36. What’s in your Makeup Drawer
  37. Definitions of Beauty Industry Terms
  38. Beauty Event/Expo
  39. Contest/Giveaway
  40. Interviews (designers, up-and-coming brands, other bloggers, etc)
  41. Guest Posts
  42. Solutions to Common Beauty Problems
  43. Favorite Beauty Stores or Counters


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Lastly, you want to create “Evergreen” content on your blog.  Evergreen blog content are posts like this one that are never outdated and can be read at anytime and will still be useful to the reader months or years from now. Examples of evergreen blog posts are Lists, Tips, Tutorials and How To’s to name a few.

Hope this list of 43 Beauty Blog Post Ideas was helpful to you and can be something you can refer back to when you are stuck for ideas on what to write. Don’t forget to use the link above to download the handy 43 Beauty Blog Post Idea list.

Happy blogging!


Over to you!

Have you made a list like this before? Do you refer to it often? Does it help?

Leave me your comments down below.

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2 Comments to 43 Beauty Blog Post Ideas

  1. Natoya Ammon

    Hey Kay,
    Thanks for your comment!! I’m so glad you are doing this too. It’s such a great idea and habit to write your ideas down and store them away for a later date. This has helped me tremendously. High five!!

    Stay Fab! xo

  2. Kay

    I’ve been doing this forever, and it’s so helpful. Like, I often have 10,000 ideas at random times, and then I draw a blank when it actually comes time to write. Ugh, lol. Now I write everything I ever think of down in a huge list, and then I pick from there. I really like the idea of having a master list too!

    Great post! xo

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