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Banish Your Dry Cuticles Leave a comment Read more »

Banish Your Dry Cuticles

If your cuticles are ragged, dry and torn then you need a cuticle routine that will Banish Your Dry Cuticles.     Don’t know where your cuticle is???  Well pick a finger, any finger and look at the nail.  Now where the nail bed starts,…

4 Summer Nail Colors 2 Comments Read more »

4 Summer Nail Colors

Hey Loves, Summer is a time to wear bright popin’ colors and live boldly both in your cloths and on your nails!  Sometimes we live inside a monotone comfort zone box and we need to live alittle and explore our color options.  The 4 Summer…

Coconut Oil to the HAIR RESCUE Leave a comment Read more »

Coconut Oil to the HAIR RESCUE

  Has your hair been neglected for far too long????  Coconut oil  is here to rescue your dry, damaged, neglected hair.  A  jar of coconut oil can last for a really long time and there are so many different ways you can use the oil  it makes…

Beauty Resolutions For 2014 Leave a comment Read more »

Beauty Resolutions For 2014

  2014 is finally here!!!   This year I’ve chosen 6 beauty resolutions I know I can commit to. Here are 6 simple beauty resolutions that you can try this year. 1. Drink more water Drinking lots of water is key to any beauty routine for…

Cinna-Snap Nail Colour Leave a comment Read more »

Cinna-Snap Nail Colour

Love Love Love!!! Sally Hansen Insta-Dri nail colour in Cinna-Snap #340.  Gorgeous red vine nail colour.  This is one of my favourtie colours for the Fall/Winter season.  This colour dries super fast, is really vibrant and will get your nails noticed instantly. Check out the pics. Love,…