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Hi Everyone,

Welcome to my website!

My site is devoted to all things beauty related from makeup, beauty products, fashion, lifestyle, food and more.  If its beautiful to me it will be on the site!

This site a place where I will share my thoughts, expertise, video tutorials, photos along with my  portfolio of other talents that i have.  It’s like a one stop shop for all things related to me! 



Beauty is a choice.  We all have the opportunity to make the choice to put our best foot forward everyday.  The choice of beauty does not reside only on the outsie and what you put on your face or on your body but what resides on the inside.  How are you showing the world your true beauty?  What’s inside of you that you want all of us to see? What are you bringing to the table?  How can i help you be a better you!

I believe that we an find beauty in all thing and people. I want to help bring that out in you. 

I have much to give and even more to continue to learn. So my goal is to teach you what i know and learn from you as well.  I want to make you feel confident and then your beauty will shine through.

This site is special, in that it provides one unique place where I can share my YouTube video tutorials, personal photos, expertise, thoughts and musings, in order to fuel an interactive conversation within an amazing community of common interests and kindred spirits.

So please, consider this site an open forum; a safe space where makeup enthusiasts, fashion lovers, trendsetters, and beauty aficionados alike, can find inspiration, how-to advice, style news, easy DIY ideas, and tips—not only from me, but from each other.

I hope you will all enjoy the fact that this is not just a site for learning how to use makeup; it is about finding inspiration, supporting each other’s creativity, and building the lifestyle of your dreams—all with a little help from your friends!

I look forward to making new friends here, and getting to know all of you better!

Thanks so much for reading and viewing my site!  I feel so blessed to have you support.

Love Laugh, Live Give!

Toya.  Muah xoxo


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