I’m STILL Lovin’ -Benefit Gimme Brow Gel

I'm STILL Lovin' -Benefit Gimme Brow Gel

I’m STILL Lovin’


After many years I’m STILL Lovin’ BENEFIT GIMME BROW tinned eyebrow gel.   It adds the finishing touch to your sculpted brows.

Benefit Gimme Brow Gel


What I love about this product is that it contains tiny microfibers that helps fill in gaps in your eyebrows and makes them look thicker, fuller and more dense.   Basically helping you achieve gorgeous fuller brows, especially if you’ve been a little too tweezer happy and now you have to wait for them to grow back.

The tiny brush makes application to the brows easy and the water-resistant gel helps you blend and  shape the hairs so they stay in place. Gimme Brow comes in 3 shades Light, Medium or Dark.




If you haven’t already tried Benefit’s GIMME BROW tinned eyebrow gel, then I suggest you add this to your must buy list and try it out.


Over to you, have you tried BENEFIT GIMME BROW tinned eyebrow gel before?   Let me know in the comments below.  Pls make sure to comment on this post on my Instagram page or post your own photo and use the #toyastilllovinthis  #toyaslovinthis  hashtags so I can find you on social.



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