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Happy New Year!! This is the best time to make goals and write some affirmations to help you stay focused for the year. Read more>

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I'm loving this Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Vampira I've been rockin' it all Fall. I'm soooo Lovin' it!! Read more>

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Matte Lipsticks are a popular trend and all the rage!! Smashbox has a product that can turn a cream lipstick into a matte one! Read more>

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Have you ever had a hair shedding problem, where your hair is coming out in what seems like clumps??? Black Tea might be the solution. Read more>

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Keeping a Beauty Blog Post Idea list is a great way to prevent writer's block so that you will have tons of ideas ready and waiting all the time! Read more>

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Review Time!! Today I am reviewing Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream with Super 7 Complex. Check it out to see if i liked it or will take a pass. Read more>

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What items can you include in your Flat Lay photo? Here is a handy list of 45 Prop Ideas that you can use in your next Flat Lay photo! Read more>

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Here are 12 TIPS to creating your own Flat Lay photos and with a little effort, planning and practice, in time you too can slay your own flat lay photographs! Read more>

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Ever get tired of typing all those hashtags on your social media pages? Here's a tip to create a hashtag shortcut on your phone for easy access! Read more>

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If you've recently updated your Wordpress account to 4.5 or 4.5.1 and now you can't upload pictures to your media library, here is some helpful code that just might do the trick. Read more>

Video: DIY Eyelash Oil

Here's a DIY Eyelash Oil to help strengthen, moisturize & make your lashes grow! Read more>

Video: DIY Hair & Body Oil!

Check out my DIY Hair & Body Oil video! Read more>

Video: What's In my MUP Bag

Check out my What's In My Makeup Bag video. Learn all the things you should have in your bag! Read more>

Video: Turn Your Look From Day to Night

Taking your look from Day to Night can be so easy and doesn't have to take long or cost alot of money, all you need are a few products. Read more>

Video: Sephora Cream Lipstains #01 "RED" & #03 "PINK"

Gorgeous Long lasting Lipstains from Sephora "RED & PINK"! Read more>

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