New Video: October Empties Products I've Used UP!

Check out the products I've used up this month! Read more>

Video: DIY Cinnamon & Honey Facial Mask

Here is an easy Facial Mask that you can do to keep acne at bay and look great! Read more>

Video: What's In my MUP Bag

Check out my What's In My Makeup Bag video. Learn all the things you should have in your bag! Read more>

Video: Turn Your Look From Day to Night

Taking your look from Day to Night can be so easy and doesn't have to take long or cost alot of money, all you need are a few products. Read more>

Video: Sephora Cream Lipstains #01 "RED" & #03 "PINK"

Gorgeous Long lasting Lipstains from Sephora "RED & PINK"! Read more>

Video: WMBEK Chapsticks

Chapsticks are an essential way to combat the effects of dry lips during winter, checkout all your options" Read more>

Video: Sunscreen 101

Suncreen is a must and here is a reminder why you should wear it! Read more>

Watch me on The Lori and Cher Show ep.7

I enjoyed being a panelist on the show it was awesome!! Enjoy! Read more>

Why Your Grand Parents Didn't Have Allergies


placeholder image

Interesting article by Catherine of Butter Nutrition on allergies and why your grand parents didn't have them. Read more>

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